An Indispensable Guide to Tax-Efficient Retirement Planning and Financial Freedom

by Rick Rodgers

Don't Retire Broke book cover
No one should have to face the challenge of retirement planning alone.

With Rick Rodgers’ new retirement book, Don’t Retire Broke: An Indispensable Guide to Tax-Efficient Retirement Planning and Financial Freedom, no one will have to.

Rick’s retirement book is like having one of the country’s top Certified Financial Planners in front of you . . . guiding you . . . offering volumes of invaluable insight to help you create a worry-free and comfortable retirement.

From cover to cover you’ll find:

  • Actual case studies followed by Rick’s solutions and and additional tips, all culled from his nearly 30 years’ experience.
  • Rick’s coveted “Three-Legged Stool” approach to tax savings strategies that you can use NOW!
  • A complete section on understanding Social Security and how to reduce the tax on your benefits.
  • The three all-important steps you need to take to start early retirement planning.
  • Advice on keeping the IRS out of your estate.
  • Detailed steps to reduce – or even reverse – the tax mistakes you may have already made.
  • A how-to section on creating your own financial plan
  • and so much, much more!

Let Rick help you navigate a complex tax system and avoid making costly mistakes that can affect the quality of your retirement. This is a must-have retirement planning guide for anyone nearing retirement or already retired – presented in clear language, using real-life examples.

Purchase your copy of Don’t Retire Broke directly from the author. Rick will sign your copy upon request. $24.95 with Free Shipping. Your worry-free retirement begins here.