What people just like you are saying about Rick Rodgers’ Don’t Retire Broke

Don’t Retire Broke is not only an easy read, it’s an important one! Whether you’re just beginning to plan for retirement, in the middle-stages or nearing the finish-line, Don’t Retire Broke offers great tips and strategies to ensure your long-term success. And, as—if not more—importantly, the book also covers all the classic mistakes one can make while planning, with real-life lessons that are sobering yet helpful and can save you thousands. While one can never plan enough for how to manage the ‘rest of their life,’ this book—and the opportunity to learn from a master like Rick Rodgers—provides a tremendous foundation on which to build. I highly recommend it!”
Tom Baldrige, President & CEO
The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“Rick has done an masterful job of building on his original book The New Three Legged Stool in his new book Don’t Retire Broke. This book explains how best to maximize your wealth before and after retirement, gives you real-life examples of those who could have made better decisions and then gives a defined set of choices for our circumstances. I find it especially thought-provoking for small business owners, who make retirement decisions based on very little knowledge or expertise in these matters, and often find themselves at retirement age still trying to determine how best to utilize the funds they have accumulated for retirement. Tax laws are complicated, and Rick has done a great job in making this book easy to read and understand for the layman… this book has something for everyone… no matter their financial status. This is a must read for those who are seeking advice on how best to invest for their retirement years and have yet to develop a plan for themselves and family.”
Gerard L. Glenn, Past Chairman of the Board
SCORE Association
SCORE Foundation

“Rick’s book takes our complicated tax system and makes it understandable to anyone. Through stories and ‘tips’ his book explains how to avoid the tax traps that could allow the government to take 85% of your retirement savings. I’d recommend this book to anyone that wants to avoid overpayment of taxes and keep more of what they’ve worked for.”
Tom Bradley, President, Retail Distribution
TD Ameritrade

“While I have not discussed their specific tax situations, I am witness to my parents and my mother-in-law remark that they owed taxes and did not receive a refund in their first years of retirement. For most retirees, the tax efficient liquidation of a retirement portfolio requires coordinating between both taxable brokerage accounts and pre-tax retirement accounts like an IRA or 401(k). In Don’t Retire Broke Rick Rodgers, CFP® takes our complicated tax system and makes it understandable.” For the full review please visit RetirementSavvy.net
Brian Tramuel, Regular Contributor